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2D Explainer Elegance: Where Art Meets Persuasion in Motion

We specialize in crafting beloved, high-quality 2D animation videos.

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What We Do

Welcome to Akkenna Studio, where creativity meets clarity in the world of 2D explainer videos. As a leading animation studio, we specialize in bringing ideas to life through visually captivating narratives. At Akkenna, our mission is to transform complex concepts into easily digestible and engaging stories.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Tailored Visual Storytelling
  • Diverse Animation Styles
  • Comprehensive Service Range
  • Strategic Infographics and Design
  • Client-Centric Collaboration

Styles of 3D Animated Videos

WHY 2D Explainer video is more powerful


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. That’s the power. Using video can help you get people to interact with you and buy your products. Contact the company that can help you make an explainer film that moves people.


You plan to spend a lot of money on marketing your business. Don't waste your money. When it comes to marketing, videos can get the word across better than text, pictures, or both. Our explainer film service can help you do that without getting in the way of your marketing plan.


Videos can be used on your website, in email campaigns, on social media, in your sales deck, and even in marketing talks. That's a great way to meet your viewers where they are. And...getting to the right people is half the fight won. Spend money on making educational videos to be where your customers are.

Why choose our 2D animation services in India?

Select Akkenna Studio for 2D animation services in India, where innovation meets artistic excellence. Our animations transcend expectations, offering a unique blend of creativity and precision to amplify your brand's visual narrative

Cost Savings

Because we have direct connections, we can offer options that are both cheap and good. Get the most for your money while still getting high-quality film production services.

Diverse Expertise

Akkenna has experience in all kinds of industries, genres, and budgets, from 2D, 2.5D and 3D animations to business video shoots, TV commercials, and digital Company.

Quality Assurance

You can rest easy knowing that our service providers have been checked out and have a lot of experience. Your projects are being worked on by experts in the field who are dedicated to doing a great job.

Hassle-Free Process

Streamlined from idea to execution for a hassle-free process We make the whole process of making a video easier, from coming up with ideas to delivering the finished result. You should focus on your goal while we take care of the details.

Trust & Security

Ask each firm for examples of their past work, references, and showreels. Don't worry—our platform guarantees 100% payment security, giving you peace of mind and openness.

Why are 2D animation videos essential for your business?

Simplicity and Clarity

Simplifies complicated ideas so that communication is simple and to the point so that the audience can understand better.

Effective Brand Messaging

Sets up and strengthens company identity through memorable characters and messages that leave a lasting impression.

Increased Conversion Rates

Engages viewers right away, building trust and getting them to take action, which leads to better conversion rates.

Versatility in Use

Adaptable for many platforms, such as social media and blogs, giving it a wide reach and ease of use.

SEO Benefits

Improves website visibility and search engine results, which leads to more organic traffic.

Marketing that saves money

provides a low-cost method to reach many people, giving your money's worth in the long run.

Global Accessibility

Visual storytelling breaks down language barriers so that knowledge can be accessed by people all over the world.

2D animation service FAQs

What an animated video costs depends on several aspects. You choose your visual style. A simple minimalist film with stock graphics and little dynamic movement will be cheaper than a Web-dominant 3D animated video! Length matters too. One-minute videos are easier to make than two- or three-minute ones. Our typical bespoke animated video costs $3,000–7,000.

If clients provide timely input (1-2 days to evaluate a script, vocal recording, storyboard, etc.), animated videos can be completed in less than a month.

We make videos you like. Period. If you're unsure about creative choices, let us know and we'll change them. Creating unique animated videos requires teamwork. To ensure the final product is perfect, we need to hear how your brand should be portrayed, how your audience will receive particular messages, and other suggestions. At each step of production (writing, narration, storyboards), modifications are unrestricted. Once you approve, coming back to make changes may cost more.

We make creative animated videos. Our creative team was carefully picked to include only those who can draw inspiration from each project and create a 100% original and current animated video. We blend the requirement to clearly communicate your organization's message with the necessity to create a compelling and action-driven video.

Akkenna studio provides 2D, 2.5D and 3D animation, corporate video shoots, TV commercials, digital Company, screenplay, storyboarding, casting, shooting, and post-production with special effects.

We carefully vet and choose our service suppliers to ensure quality. Our platform links you with skilled, dedicated professionals.